Doodle Buddy


Finger paint and then share your work of art on the internet


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Doodle Buddy is an application that lets you paint and color using your finger, and then allows you to share your drawings on the internet using Facebook, or save them directly on your Apple device's memory.

Drawing is very simple: you choose a predefined drawing on the list that comes with Doodle Buddy, you select the tool you want (brush, chalk, eraser...) and you just start drawing. It’s that easy.

Plus, you can draw on the internet with your friends. Yes, you will both, at the same time, be able to enjoy a relaxing session of painting in which you will also be able to chat.

Doodle Buddy is an application that will prove just as fun to a 4 year old kid as to a 40 year old man.

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible.

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